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From:Roger Moretz <stamptrain@yahoo.com>
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We have 2 Hacker RCM 3655 coverslippers, purchased in
'90 and'94.  While they have been sources of much
frustration, until recently we have been able to keep
our recoverslipping (due to air bubbles) the less than
10%, altho' we do get a lot of overflow onto the top
and bottom of the slides.  For the last 2-3 months,
however, the air bubble rate has approached 90% at
times, and even with overflow, we're getting air
bubbles.  Our current service provider has been in
several times, and the machines work fine for maybe 24
hours, and then the medium amount starts drifting, and
we're back to uselessness.  Two questions:  
1) can we get references for service providers in the
northeast?  (no, I will NOT give the name of our
current provider).
2) is it possible that the machines have
reached/surpassed their useful lifetimes, and we can
finally have a "throwing them off the roof" party?
We would all appreciate any useful comments.  At the
moment we are hand coverslipping, because the
recoverslipping problem is causing us to struggle to
meet deadlines, and this is impacting our

Roger Moretz
Dept of Toxicology
BI Pharmaceuticals

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