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From:Nima Farsinejad <>
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I have recently started doing some immunohistochemistry in paraffin
embeded liver tissue sample. I have been looking for antibodies (raised
either in goat or rabbit) for certain proteins. However I had a very
difficult time finding some of them. I have already tried the Antobody
Resource Page, AbCam, Sciquest and many other on-line antibody search
Engines. I would greatly appreciate if anyone knows a good source for
antibodies to the following proteins: 

Protein (genbank ID): 
-Filamin A (X5341) 
-Lysyl Oxidase (W77) 
-Transgelin (AF013711) 
-EGF - Containing Fibulin like protein extra cellular matrix (U03877) 
-TGF B induced 68kDa protein (AC004503) 
-mitogen activated protein kinase-kinase-kinase-kinase 5 (NM_006575)
-Phospholipase A2 group IIA (H00742) 
-Interferon a-inducible protein 27 (AA302123) 
-V-fos FBS murine osteosauvoumer utral oncogene homolog (V01512) 
-Natural Killer cell transcript 4 (A1539055) 
-TGF B induced 68 KD (AC004503) 
-Small inducible cytokine A2 (M26683) 
-Myxovirus (influenza) resistance 1 (AA477235) 

I am also looking for Antibodies that would specifically stain Kupffer

Thanks in advance

Nima Farsinejad
Research Specialst
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia

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