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I think this is what you are looking for.
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> Hi -
> This is for people studying for the HT or HTL exam.
> I had promised Histonet this information last week, and
> just realized I hadn't followed through.
> The Michigan Society of Histotechnologists has a
> workbook/study guide to help people study for
> the HT/HTL exams. It is an outline of what you
> need to know, with spaces to write in information.
> Such as:
> - medical terminology - lists of words a candidate
> needs to know (denature, putrefaction, etc.) with
> a space after each so the person can write in the
> answer.
> - information about fixation (how it works, chemicals
> used, etc.) with a list of fixative the person needs 
> to know, organized into categories (these are the
> picric acid fixatives, these are aldehyde, etc.). 
> Then there is a chart for the person to copy (xerox)
> for each of the fixatives. In the chart, there are
> headers that the person has to find the answers to
> and fill in for each fixative. Such as: chemicals
> used. Function of each chemical. When to use this
> fixative. When not to use this fixative. Length
> of time for fixation. Hazards. Etc.
> This pattern repeats throughout the workbook. Part
> information, part worksheets. (Hence the title
> study guide and workbook.) Processing, staining,
> immuno, lab math, decalcification, equipment,
> sectioning, etc.
> Designed to help the person study in an organized
> way.
> It was put together by many of the officers and
> chairs of MSH, some of us teaching in schools, 
> most of us teaching about histotechnology 
> in state and national symposiums, and all of us
> having passed the ASCP certification exams.
> This is either the 3rd or 4th edition (I don't
> remember). We keep updating it, to include
> new procedures, so to keep up-to-date with
> the ASCP HT/HTL exams. That's not to say we
> cover EVERY possible topic. None of us are
> on the ASCP histotechnology exam committee,
> so we don't really know EVERYTHING on the
> exam, but we do try to keep current by talking
> with people and students who have recently
> taken the exam.
> Some labs use it as a "training manual" for
> the people they are training/teaching on-the-job.
> If anyone is interested, send your name and address,
> with a check made out to "Michigan Society for
> Histotechnologists" for $18.00 (US funds) to:
> Bettye Amos
> Study Guide Coordinator
> 3816 Park Forest
> Flint, MI 48507
> As I said in my email last week, I am a member
> of MSH, and MSH does make some money off of this,
> which is used to support our society. I personally
> do not make any money off of this.
> Hope this is helpful to those learning about
> the field of histotechnology.
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 48073

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