DuraEdge blades

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From:LuAnn Anderson <ander093@gold.tc.umn.edu>
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from Connie McManus <conmac@cc.usu.edu>:

Hi Connie,
I am using the low profile teflon coated DuraEdge blades.  I too had been using 
Surgipath and thought they were OK.  Then I heard about the DuraEdge and called 
Ford Royer of Analytical Instruments who has become a supplier of them. He sent 
me a free sample pack of the DuraEdge, and I switched immediately (still have a 
case of the Surgipath, but it was worth the switch). I can cut Many more blocks 
per blade (depends on tissue obviously) and have cut up to 30 blocks on one 
blade!!  They hold their edge much better than any I have used including the 
AccuEdge or Surgipath. I did have to slightly adjust the knife angle but there 
is a note in each box stating that. 
Ford's number is  1-800-565-1895 and their web site is www.aibltd.com.

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