Disposable Microtome Blades

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From:Kimberly Carter <carter.343@osu.edu>
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The microtome blades I am currently using is Shandon MX35. The large lab
I worked in used Accu-Edge and Leica brands. The Leica were for routine
specimens and the Acccu-Edge for the bx and hard to cut samples. The
Accu-Edge were by far superior. Our management wanted us to mainly use
the Leica since they were a good deal cheaper.While working there,
Shandon gave us samples to demo. We would count how many blocks that was
cut well with each brand. As a group, we by far preferred the Shandon
brand. However, they did cost more. It can be difficult to convince
those who balance the budget that it is more efficient to buy higher
quality blades. You can cut more blocks per blade, the quality is
better, and there are less re-cut requests. I now work in a research lab
where I am the only histotech. Although cost is a concern, top quality
is our main objective.  Once again I did  compare the Accu-Edge to the
Shandon. I use only the Shandon blades.

Kim Carter HT (ASCP) MLT
Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbus, Ohio

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