Dako immunostainer

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From:Mark Elliott <MElliott@mrl.ubc.ca>
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Denise Long Woodward was asking what people were using on 
their stainer with regards to buffer and diluent. We make up our own 
TRIS buffer with Tween-20.  Make up in multiples of 5 litres as we 
need it (have the recipe taped directly to the buffer carboy so we 
don;t have to look gfor it every time).  For diluting the antibodies we 
use a homemade 0.05 M Tris buffer with 1% BSA.  Since we are in 
research we tend to do all the same antibody on one run so 
makeup only enough antibody for the particular experiment so don't 
have the diluted antibodya round for long.  Detection antibodies we 
usually go through fairly quickly so they don't sit around diluted for 
long. Works fine for us.

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