Available a Reichert EPI Fluorescence Microscope With Transmitted Light

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From:Joseph Passero <jp@spacelab.net>
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A Reichert MicroStar IV with a binocular head and 10X Wide Field Eyepieces. 

A five place nose piece with three Reichert infinity corrected Neoplan Objectives
10X/0.25, 40X/0.66 and 100X/1.25 oil. And a centering target objective for the HBO lamp. 

The EPI Fluorescence Illumination System is Model 2090M with a HBO 100 watt lamp. 

A Model 2091 Mercury/Xeon power supply, with Hour Meter. 

There are positions for two Fluorcluster Cubes. 

One Fluorcluster assembly is included with the instrument, a number 1713. 

The specification for the 1713 Fluorcluster assembly are; 

Exciter Filter; 490nm 
Dichroic Mirror; 510nm 
Barrier Filter; 520nm 
Flourochrome; FITC, Acridine Orange 

For Standard Brightfield Transmitted Light there is an Abbe Aspherical 1.25 condenser with
an adjustable diaphragm on a rack and pinion assembly. The illumination system built in to 
the base is an adjustable 6 volt 20 watt halogen lamp with adjustable diaphragm for True K#246#hler
Illumination. Including a blue filter and a neutral density filter. 

The mechanical stage has right hand low position coaxial controls (X and Y axis), with graduated

This instrument is in Excellent Condition, JPG photos are available. 

For $3,500.00 USD this is an excellent value. 

If you are interested eMail Joseph at mailto:jp@spacelab.net

Thank You

Best Regards

Joseph Passero

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