melatonin antibody

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From:Maria Mejia <>

I'm looking for a good melatonin antibody (need company name and number).
I'm interested in doing retina frozen sections fixed in 4% PFA and need
a good workable antibody that will label the levels of melatonin in the
retina. Also, if anyone has a protocol for this antibody can you
please send me a copy. In addition I also need a good ELISA protocol
using this antibody and a list of materials I need to start the ELISA
since I've never done this before. Any help anyone can provide will
be very appreciated.
regards and thank you
Maria Mejia
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Res. Inst.

P.S. If material is too long for email can also fax info to me - the
number is 415-345-8455.

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