frosty cryostat

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Fellow Histonetters,
This question is directed mostly to those techs who live in humid areas and 
do lots of frozens in old labs which are not "climate controlled".  
Usually Tucson has a very dry climate but during the summer monsoons it gets 
a little swampy. We are in the monsoon season now and the rain is great for 
most things but not for my cryostat. 
My cryostat, a Leica 2800N, has been frosting up something awful because it 
is so humid in our room. I put a tray of drierite in the chamber and it 
turned pink almost immediately. Of course it doesn't help to be cutting 
sections and having the window open for long stretches of time. Does anybody 
have any tips on preventing the frost build up in a normally frost free 
Andi Grantham
University of Arizona


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