TTF-1 and CKBeta34E

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From:"Sanders, Julie, VHACIN" <>
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Good Morning All,
   We are having problems with the TTF-1 on the Ventana.  I have spoken to
the vendor of the antibody, and we have tried everything under the
sun...longer antigen retrieval time, using BioCares Nuclear Decloaker,
different TTF-1 from other vendors (all prediluted) to no avail...any
   Also, we do CKBeta34E on prostate, but prostate is not working as a
control.  Skin works wonderfully, but our pathologists insist that we use a
prostate control...again suggestions will be welcomed. 

Thanks in advance for the responses,

Julie A. Sanders, BA, HT(ASCP)
Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology/Administrative Office
VAMC, Cincinnati, Ohio

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