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From:Richard Cartun <>,
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We use DAKO's TTF-1 mAb with EnVision+ detection and DAB+ chromogen with excellent results.  We also use DAKO's "high pH" target retrieval for 40 minutes in a 96 degree waterbath.  The biggest problem we have is with tissue damage or loss due to the retrieval step.  We dilute the mAb 1:200 for a 30 minute incubation or 1:1,000 for an overnight incubation.  I can send you unstained slides from our + control (or a paraffin block) if that would help.

Our prostate needle biopsies do very well with CK-34BetaE12, but if we stain TURP or resection specimens the immunoreactivity can be quite variable.  Try this:  digestion your TURP or prostate sections in pepsin (37 degrees for 5 minutes), wash, then HIER-treat - you may see a dramatic improvement.

R. Cartun

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