Saddened !!

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From:Bruce Abaloz <>
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>"We are all entitled to our own feelings.  The
>Independence day celebration of rights and freedom, do
>not cease be it this day or another.  
>no one ever fits into a mold, that is why we are all
>called "individuals", it can sometimes be just a small
>incident that sets someone off and the result be just
>devastating to so many.  
>Why is it that some cannot accept that
>though we use e-mail to communicate information
>professionally, that we are people as well. 
>The rights and freedoms "individual's" do extend to
>this list server, we are all entitled to have our say.
> I believe the information passed in this e-mail was
>meant to be for the good of all, which I might add is
>a right and covered in the freedom of
>speech/information.  Be it Histological or not".

>Vikki Baker
>American Health Foundation
>Valhalla, New York
>--- Renee Seiler <> wrote:
>>" First of all, my sympathies to all involved;
>> secondly, I believe your emotions may be clouding
>> your good judgement by posting the anti-handgun
>> info.(especially on this, our day to celebrate our
>> rights and freedom). Once again, this is a forum for
>> histology related queries. A simple message as to
>> who to contact for donations should have sufficed".
>> ----- Original Message -----

Hi Vikki,

I want to thankyou for your response RE: Don's reply to Renee'e email. His words saddened me .They were so full of anger & complete disregard for another
person's opinion. "It was spent in anguish over your message ...You have been successful in adding to the misery and I wonder if you are satisfied now......I think you are too self centered in your thoughts and have read your interests into the post.(what are YOU doing Don??)...... Thank you, for what seems to be, your shallow expression of sympathy, followed by what seems to be your personal opinion on gun control.(WE ARE ALL ENTITLED to that!)  It sounds like a Manager/Supervisor telling a staff member, "Your doing so well, BUT......blah blah, blah.(I DIDN'T interpret Renee's email that way - ??)
I feel a real need to tell you (MY OPINION !) that this tragedy is not about "gun control" nor your seemingly personal opinion (WHO'S OPINION WOULD WE EXPRESS??) about such things.  It is NOT about YOU...nor your gun control opinions at all.  Polish your gun, baby.(WHOA!!)  (Sorry, you have made me very bitter) ("YOU HAVE MADE ME"??????????? YEAH - RIGHT!........ GREAT EXCUSE FOR "MY" ANGER/BITTERNESS & LOSS OF CONTROL!)
If we ever meet in person at an NSH meeting or otherwise, please remind me
of this, because I will have absolutely no interest in getting to know you
better(WOW...Christian??).(  I am a person who has never felt this way about anyone I have ever met (HAVE YOU MET - Golly Gee, one email & you know the worth of a Human Being!!)  until you.  Your E-mail defines your personality (NOW I AM A PSYCHOLOGIST / HISTOLOGIST???) my mind not one worth even giving the time of day.(What Bitterness - what's the Psychology behind this reaction - let's take away individual Thinking/Opinions.Denigrate them - make them feel less than ??) Those that know me, (????) know I will succeed.(I HOPE YOU DO RE:THIS/GUN LAWS /USA)!!)  Thank you for a cause other than my retirement activities.  Rest assured, I have more time and energy to put forth than any person who has to go to the Lab each day to work on changes, including you,
In closing, don't feel so superior to tell me what is "clouding my good
judgment" or what is appropriate for Histonet.(WHAT BITTERNESS)
My life has been spent making changes in Histology, you have given me the
imputes to work on changing gun laws."
                                                                                  Now who has LOST credibility.........Histonet is a communication between Histology labs around the planet. The politics (gun control/laws etc.) of "THIS" situation concerns the American "tribe"/country, though we are ALL saddened by/sympathetic to what happened....HISTONET is comprised of many "tribes"/ countries utilizing a means of professional exchange....methinks it's time to retire!!  Bruce in OZ!!                                                                               "...Some Like It Hot - Some Like It Cold! Some Like It In The Pot 9 Days Old"!!             

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