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	Dear Taffy & Monique,

	When you think about it, sectioning mouse feet from paraffin is never
going to work.  What you are working with is tiny pieces of bone,
cartledge, & hardened skin.  They are going to lift out of the paraffin
every time

	The only way you are going to get results is to go to resin embedding,
even then you can expect some problems.  I would suggest something that is
low viscosity with relatively long infiltration times, I don't think it
would really matter what type of resin.  However, if you used a hydrophilic
resin (JB4, LR Gold) & therefore didn't have to do any dehydration, then
you might get some really great results.


	Rob W.

At 02:27 07/05/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I have been beating myself up over the SAME problem..the mice feet will NOT
>section..I thought they were not completely fixed..I have shortened the
>processing time, I have extended the processing time, we have used EDTA to
>decal as well as Decal I..nothing seems to work. I keep getting the same
>kind of sections that you describe. Let me know if you find the answer and I
>will do likewise.
>Taffy Hooser
>At 09:05 AM 6/29/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hello there,
>>I just joined the histonet so this will be very helpful to me.  I 
>>received two mice feet to embed and cut, they were fixed then I 
>>decalcified them with Cal-ex.  I processed them as usual and blocked 
>>them, but now when I tried to cut them they won't cut, there is just 
>>a hole in the paraffin sections where the sample is.  When I cut it 
>>sounds as if the bone is still a bit hard so I soaked the blocks 
>>again in Cal-ex to see if that would help and I haven't yet tried to 
>>cut them again.  Does anyone esle have any other suggestions that 
>>will help or is there some other trick for cutting bone this is the 
>>first time I have had to do it.  Thanks for any help.
>>Monique Tourand
>>University of Alberta

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