Re: osteoclast staining

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Hi Betty,

Here is a reference for a histochemical TRAP procedure that will stain
osteoclasts beautifully in formalin fixed, demineralized, and paraffin
embedded bone:  Erlebacher and Derynck, J. Cell Biol. 132:  195-210,
1996.  The only thing I modified was the incubation time, which I
increased from one hour to three to four hours.  I used Mayer's
hematoxylin as a counterstain.

Hermina Borgerink
Wake Forest University
Department of pathology
Winston-Salem, NC

"Gaskill, Betty A" wrote:
> Anybody out there have an antibody they are using for osteoclast staining in
> 10% formalin fixed, decalcified, paraffin sections?  Would love to know of
> antibodies, protocols any info would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Betty

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