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What Bryan brought out so well relates to all of us.  Yes, it is sometimes very
painful to admit we have these human characteristics and traits.  Yes, it DOES
concern us as histotechnologists.  We are a caring people (I hope) and the more
we know, the more we can understand, the better we can relate, deal, work and
resolve these issues.  This is part of our healing profession, believe it or
not!  I have worked with too many people who did not understand one whit about
what was going on in their co-workers lives.  This created animosity that could
have been aleviated had the workers been sensitive or compassionate to the
situation and did a little bit of befriending to the co-worker having
problems.  None of us truly knows what is happening in the private lives of our
co-workers; it is the rare person indeed who reaches out to assist, to become
involved, to care.  Those who do are truly blessed by a friendship and
thankfulness for doing the reaching out.  The more we assit in healing by
befriending our co-workers (until proven otherwise), the better our working
environment will be.   Sharon Osborn

Ronnie Houston wrote:

> Please get back to what Histonet was set up for - an exchange of matters
> related to Histotechnology.
> The recent discussions, lamblastings and character assassinations have no
> place on Histonet.
> Sure, people have rights to express their feelings, but Histonet is not the
> correct avenue for this.
> I highly commend Brian's stance and courage, and if people had the common
> sense to limit Histonet topics to Histology, he would not have  been forced
> to make the painful decision to put forward publicly his
> Let's keep the list histo-related from now on to avoid this unpleasant and
> unnecessary situation arising again.
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