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Carmen Buttigieg in far-off Malta replies about Carazzi's hematoxylin.

Never heard of it, but it's in Bancroft and Stevens, 4th ed., page 102. Seems 
to be equivalent to a Muggle Mayer-type iodate hematoxylin, with some 
wizardry (sorry, I'm reading that fourth Harry Potter book!) involving 
glycerol. They recommend it for rapid frozen section staining, where it 
appears to behave like one of the stronger Gill hematoxylins.

The reference is Carazzi D. Eine neue Haematoxylinloesung [a new hematoxylin 
solution], Zeitschrift fuer wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie und fuer 
mikroscopische Technik, 28, p. 273, 1911. [think my public library's local 
branch gets that one, of course. right next to the revered Zeitschrift fuer 
die Gearschift und die Krankschaft.]

Are we looking at an Italian tradition passed on to Malta? There may be some 
interesting history in this request!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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