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There is a new book, due Summer, 2000 titled Antigen Retrieval Techniques,
appplications in immunohistochemistry
Shi SR, Gu J, and Taylor CR  ISBN # 1-881299-43-0, $56.95

buy from BioTechniques books, Div of Eaton Publishing

They devote a final section to AR for light and EM immunolabeling, etc.  

Also, go back into archives of Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry,
they have had retrieval publications for EM. 

Another reference is:

Stirling J and Graff PS  Antigen unmasking for immunoelectron microscopy
labeling is improved by treating with sodium ethoxide or sodium
metaperiodiate, then heating on retrieval medium  J Histoch Cytochem
43(2):115-123, 1995

Also Neil Hand in Journal of Histotechnology, 1999 published an article on
antigen retrieval with plastic sections, mainly PMMA, however, he may have
tried other plastics as well.  Removal of the plastic is important. 

At 09:56 AM 7/5/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear HistoNetters,
>There is very little published work on antigen retrieval in plastic 
>sections, but there is one paper that I know of:
>Suurmeijer AJH and Boon ME, Notes on the application of microwaves for 
>antigen retrieval in paraffin and plastic tissue sections, European Journal 
>of Morphology, Volume 31, Numer 1-2, March/June 1993, 144-150
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