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We use it as well, and what I've found is that it is possible to get too
much in the waterbath.  The detergent decreases the surface tension of the
water and if there is too much your paraffin sections will sink under the
surface if you manipulate them.  We have the same size waterbath and I
usually use about 1/3 a capful.  This works well for us.  Your waterbath
temperature should depend on the melting point of your paraffin;  I like to
have my waterbath set at 45 degrees C.  I still allow the sections to
"relax" for a minute or so before mounting them on a slide.

I suspect that cornea is one of those tissues that just don't know how to
"relax".  :)

Teri Johnson, HT(ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
Physicians Reference Laboratory

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> Dear Histonet friends
> I received my free sample of HALT and have so far used it twice in my
waterbath , while cutting eye cornea's and mouse skins. I still see wrinkles
, I don't see any difference with use or without. My waterbath is set at
42-44 degress and I am using postive slides. For those of histoland that
said they like this product, is my waterbath the right temp for this to
work? Or do I need to do something else. I am using 2 capfuls in a waterbath
size 8X8.
> Thank you
> Sandi Miller HT
> MRICD Research
> Md

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