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You probably need to speak to someone about cell culture.  I have collected
induced tumors from mice (using sterile technique) with a  scalpel and then
placed them in a small amount of  the appropriate tissue culture media and
minced them into a slurry which was then put in a flask to grow.  Many cell
lines do very well.  From your message I can't see where the 100 micron
slices  comes into play ?  Why? And yes I think most embedding media would
kill cells although most cell lines can be frozen if done properly.

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a way to isolate cells from thin slices (at 100 um
thick) and to start a cell line from these cells.  Everyone I've spoken to
says that the fresh tissue has to be embedded for slicing in a microtome
cryostat, though slices of 100 um might crack...  I also do not know if
the embedding medium is going to kill my cells.

If anyone knows how to use the microtome (or cryotome) to get thick slices
of live cells please let me know.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Jerry Hu

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