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From:Becky Scholes <>,
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Victor, you didn't say who your regular vendor is, but I order mine from 
Fisher.  They seem to be the only ones that make the white ones with dark 
markings.  All the others I've seen are dark blue with white markings.  I am 
disappointed, though, at my last shipment.  The ink is fading with repeated 
scrubbing.  Maybe my new cleaner is too powerful.

Bec the Tec

>From: Victor Tobias <>
>To: "'" <>
>Subject: Plastic Rulers
>Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 13:11:09 -0700
>Does anyone have a good source for these? We are currently backordered
>30days from our regular vendor. These are your basic 6" rulers in
>metric. Thanks

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