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From:Clarke Ian <>
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 I would also like information regarding remuneration of Pathology

Ian Clarke
Histopathology/Cytopathology Department
Craigavon Area Hospital NHS Trust.
66 Lurgan Road
BT66 5QQ
Northern Ireland
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From: Brennan, Liam <>
Date: 03 July 2000 16:57
Subject: Pathology Assistants

>> Dear Histonetters
>> I would be grateful if you could supply me with some
>> information about Pathology Assistants working in pathology
>> laboratories. The type of information I am interested in is:
>> Qualifications required eg. University degree etc. Details of
>> training, both formal and on the job training. Details of job content,
>> especially with regard to dissection of pathology specimens
>> (Range and complexity of specimens dissected?), involvment in autopsy?
>> and other duties. I am also interested in a rough guide to what
>> sort of renumeration package a Pathology Assistant could expect to be
>> offered?
> The reason being that in our Laboratory all the specimen
>dissection is done by Biomedical Scientists (what you call
>histotechnologists, I think?). We are in the process of seeking payment
>for these duties and we do not want to sell ourselves short off the
>going rate for such duties, which I understand are carried out by
>Pathology Assistants in US labs. I would also be interested in
>hearing from anyone outside the US who is doing similar work.
> Many thanks for your anticipated assistance.
>> Liam Brennan
>> Histopathology Department
>> Belfast City Hospital
>> Lisburn Road
>> Belfast, BT9 7AD
>> Northern Ireland

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