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People reserve the right to not always agree, but OPEN
communication is the only way to at least try to
understand how someone else may feel, think or believe
in what they say.  Excommunication isn't for me

We don't live in a "black & white" world where
everything has a clear cut division, there's a lot of
gray areas where people see things differently because
of their life's experience.  If perfection and only
one way of thinking were the norm, where would the
challenge be for life in general?  For that matter
what would we have learned?

"To thy own-self be true" - Shakespeare. Perhaps we
try, but if we fear retribution, denunciation or
ridicule when we voice it, wouldn't you keep your
mouth shut?  Agree or disagree?  Courage to believe in
what you say is maybe the deciding call along with the
conviction to hold your ground. It also takes a very
strong person to reflect and say that maybe they were
wrong or not totally correct in how they expressed
themselves.  I have a lot of respect for people like
that, because I find them to be more "true to
themselves" than many.

It has taken 40 years to come to this little part of
my look at life I can't wait to see what the next 50
years bring.

Thank you Mark you've said it very well and I am glad
you did.

Vikki> wrote:
> I was taught from birth to believe in the myth of
> perfection, to expect
> perfection from myself, and to demand it from
> others.  Now I am 56 and know
> that those standards guarantee failure.
> My adjustment to this has been to adopt new
> standards, for myself and
> others, primarily based on candor, not perfect
> honesty, but good faith
> candor.
> E-mail makes it too easy for  imperfectly considered
> thoughts to be
> dsitributed, beyond recall, throughout a community.
> Sometimes offense is
> given, and sometimes people are deeply hurt.  We can
> excommunicate the
> person who pushed the send key too quickly, or we
> can accept their later
> considered candor.   Excommunication doesn't work
> for me.
> MJ

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