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I have stopped replying to histonet querries unless they are directly related
to my products.  Then, I only respond to the person who initiated the chain.
The histonet community has drawn a very fine line in the sand.  We can offer
our services but we cannot appear to be selling our services. If we cross
that line,  we get slammed. That hurts our reputation far more than any good
will we might generate by offering our expertise.  I know that I manufacture
a very good product and that is what I rely on.  That is why my business has
been around for more than 43 years.  That is why so many have tried to
duplicate what my father started so many years ago.  When we first joined the
histonet, we danced around every reference to decalcification trying to help
you without trying to sell ourselves.  However, we are in business and we
can't risk hurting ourselves by answering a querry and then getting blasted
for it, in the open, in front of everyone on the net.  Clearly it is a new
world out here and we are trying to figure it out.  I am on several list
servers for several industries.  Vendors and consultants do know their stuff.
 The servers that seem to work best for everyone are the ones where all
participants can freely offer their expertise without risking their
reputations.  You will not get a free and open exchange of ideas if vendors
and consultants are treated differently that everyone else.

Cliff Berger
Decal Chemical Corp

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