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Phenol is a preservative, but I think phenol in the carbol fuchsin is a
necessary component for successful staining rather than use as a
preservative.  In going over Lillie's discussion of various carbol fuchsin
mixtures/methods, and dyes in 9.5% alcohol solutions did not work until
"other" phenols were substituted for phenol or aniline (Lartigue & Fite, J
Histochem Cytochem 10:611,1962.  Phenol is there to enhance the staining,
and form a complex with the fuchsin dye in the acid fast bacteria aka
Mycobacteria sp. 

John Kiernan could probably state this better chemical terms.  

I think the preservative part would be secondary, and if one sees the
cruddy, gooey mess in the bottom of a carbol fuchsin mixture, it will not
work as well, make up or buy fresh solution.

Question:  Was it a matter of chemical safety about phenol that brought
about original question on this chemical???      

At 04:22 PM 6/29/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Yes, phenol is a preservative.
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