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Hi Gayle:  Thanks for the greatly appreciated words of wisdom and I
heartily agree with you.  Also as someone who has worked in the private
and public sector, I can appreciate the dilemma of companies who want to
help with questions AND hopefully sell their products wherever
applicable without arousing the ever watchful dragons of political
correctness.  Regards. Tom
Gayle Callis wrote:
> First:
> In general, most of my postings are put out for all to read ------
> I reserve the right to visit privately with people if and when I chose to
> and will continue to do so, often it is information that has been hashed
> over by me repeatedly and usually found in Histonet archives which I firmly
> believe tends to be underused, there's a ton of info there!  If this is a
> gripe, what about all the people who subscribe to HISTONET who wish to
> remain anonymous.  Could that be considered eavesdropping????  Their
> choice! and I respect that.
> Second, the political issues:
> If it is political and not pertinent to Histonet discussion, and one
> doesn't care for a particular trend or topic, JUST DELETE IT!  This is not
> new to Histonet (and not just political topics, folks!) nor will it change.
>  The delete button works nicely to keep one's blood pressure normal.
> Heavy sigh!!!!
> Gayle Callis
> Veterinary Molecular Biology
> Montana State Uni

Thomas J. Kuwahara - Senior Immunohistochemist
Resolution Sciences Corporation -
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