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From:Becky Scholes <> (by way of histonet)
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Is there a limit to the size of the fetus?  When is a fetus considered a
baby?  Our faciltiy considers 20 weeks, a stage of development where some of
the fetuses could actually be born alive.  The tradition on your island
sounds disgusting, but if that's what the parents want....
Since the fetuses have been in formalin, there would be an issue about the
fumes that the nurse has to contend with as they are dressing and holding
this fetus.  If the administration insists on this unique custom, the nurses
should cleanseand dress the fetus, and take the photo BEFORE formalin is
applied.  It's one thing to take a photo of formalin fixed tissue for
teaching purposes, but quite another if you also had to put a dress and hat
on it.

Bec the Tec

>From: Buttigieg Carmen at MOH <>
>Subject: Foetuses
>Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 14:06:00 +0100
>Here in Malta, I work in the only major hospital there is, which is run by
>Government. We need to set up a policy regarding access to foetuses. We
>have had
>requests from the Maternity wards to allow parents to take pictures of the
>foetuses which have been in formalin. They are not a pretty sight.
>Their request is, that we allow a nurse to dress up the foetus, leaving
>just the
>face and hands showing. Then the nurse takes the foetus to the parents who
>take the photo.
>Are these things allowed in your hospitals?
>Is it the logical thing to do?
>Is it humane?
>Please, I need some feedback.
>St. Luke's Hospital

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