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Hi Jeannie:  We bought the cryojane to help keep fixed frozen samples on
our slides.  It works very well.  The basic system cost $7500 or so. 
The major expense is the slides which cost $1 per so we don't use it for
everything.  I have noticed that it's important not to keep the red
tapes in the cryostat as they seem to not work as well if stored
continually at -27.  The only other complaint I have is that making
slides seem to generate a lot of paper waste.  However, the process
works very well with bone samples and it's wonderful to have your
sections stay on even through long IHC procedures especially with our
formalin fixed specimens.  Feel free to email me separately with
specific questions.  Tom wrote:
> Has anyone seen the cryojane tape transfer process in action? I heard this
> new cryostat by instrumedics was displayed at the Laser capture Conference in
> June and have read about it. It appears to be valuble for LCM. Does anyone
> know about this system?  Jeannie   Phx AZ.

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