Re: Automated EM Processing; Problems with the LYNX

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From:Roger Moretz <>
To:Dave Evans <>, HISTONET <>
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I have used the Lynx EM tissue processor in both its
Lynx (original) and Leica incarnations (haven't seen
the EMS version).  Poor embedding was only a problem
when the reagents were not fresh.  However, I have not
had a problem with only one or two specimens out of a
full run.  My problems with the Lecia unit was the
chip was bad, the unit failed repeatedly, service
failed to repair properly, etc, until, nearly 5 years
after purchase, the entire CPU/chip was replaced, and
it has run consistently since.  There have been other
funky problems, such as failed fans and other minor
components (fuse and fuse box).  The original unit
(one of the very early Lynx's from Down Under) never
gave any problems.  My thoughts on your problems would
be:  use agitation on every step; use additional
dehydration/infiltration steps.  My protocol starts in
1% osmium, 3x water washes; 70% EtOH, 1% UA in
70%EtOH, 2x 70% EtOH, 80%, 95% (2x), 100% (3x) EtOH,
then graded EtOH/Epon (2:1, 1:1, 1:2), pure Epon, pure
Epon.  One other thought would be the size of the
samples--although I have run some (relatively) large
pieces now and then, and I can run multiple samples
per run--have run with a full 28 chambers, up to 10
pieces per chamber on a mouse liver study.  Another
thought would be to ensure that the dehydration and
infiltration steps are long enough.  My protocol takes
about 16 1/2 hours--in fact it is set up such that I
can come in and put fresh epon in the last two vials
early in the morning after a full night's processing. 
Hope this helps.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Dept of Toxicology
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
--- Dave Evans <> wrote:
> Dear Histonetters,
> Anyone had any experience in using the Leica Lynx
> automated EM Processor ?
> Each time we use it we always get one or two blocks
> under processed. 
> Has anybody got experience of using other automated
> Em processors ?
> I would be grateful for any information.
> Dave Evans
> Histology Dept.
> Russells Hall Hospital
> Dudley
> West Mids

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