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Try the different marking inks put out by Shandon Lipshaw, Triangle
Systems or some other supplier.  They might send a sample. I am not sure
who sells these marking inks in New Zealand.  They seem a bit thicker
Could it be she is not sure the alcian blue is really sticking to the
tissue? These marking dyes do stick, and used by MOHS surgeons(dermatology)
who are super picky about margins.  I don't think you can get a jello like
consistency on marking dyes, nor would want to.     

If the saturation point of dye in solution is reached, there is nothing you
can do, a saturated solution will probably just have the dye sitting
undissolved on the container bottom and of no use whatsoever!  

marking dyes are very visible, particularly the green, blue and red. Dry
the tissue a bit when putting on, this keeps is from spreading all over the
place and localized where you want it.  We used a tiny artists brush or a
disposable toothpick, touched it on some mouse peyers patches very
sparingly before embedding in OCT and snap freezing. Excess is really a
mess.  Was impressed it was so visible during cryosectioning, acetone
fixation and IHC and paraffin technics.  Just don't slop it on willy nilly.

At 11:24 AM 6/30/00 +1300, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>We use a 5% solution of Alcian Blue for tissue marking (margins 
>mostly).  We now have a new pathologist who says that this 
>solution is not "thick" enough.  Since 5g/100mL is about the 
>maximum solubility for A. blue, I am at a bit of a loss.  Any 
>suggestions for this, or for alternatives would be appreciated.  ps 
>she doesn't like using indian ink either!
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