RE: help with Syndecan-1, FA1, SDF1, NRG-1

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> From: Bonnie P Whitaker 
> Subject: help with Syndecan-1, FA1, SDF1, NRG-1
> Syndecan-1
> FA1 (fetal antigen1)
> SDF1 (stromal cell-derived factor 1)
> NRG-1 (neuregulins)

Syndecan-1/CD138 works well on paraffin-embedded, formalin-fixed tissue. We
use Serotec MCA 681H, 1:40. 
Antigen retrieval:  we boil the slides for 4 min in EDTA pH 8.0 in a
household steamer, followed by a 20 min cooling phase, Dako Envision as
dedection kit. 

Be careful with the interpretation of this antibody: I remember one case of
a dedifferentiated plasmocytoma which had only very weak reaction in about
20 % of all neoplastic cells while ab's VS38c and light chains gave strong
cytoplasmatic staining.

What's SDF-1? Sounds interesting, is it useable on routinely processed

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