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I too have a Cryocut 1800 and we have the same problem.    In fact, it's
more than frost it's and actual build up of ice!!!!      We turn it off for
a weekend about every 2-3 months and let it completely thaw and dry out.
It's not a perfect solution but it works for us.

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> In Montana, land of little humidity, we suffer from same frost buildup in
> our Cryocut 1800 as you do.   We live with it, and defrost/clean cryostat
> more often.  I get a glacier of ice build up in the back of microtome big
> enough to cause the moving parts of microtome to bump into it. High usage
> is the biggest problem with steamy hands, etc in the machine.  We try to
> minimize keeping the sliding door open when not working in the chamber.   
> One thing we have done is make sure the fans, etc on innards of cryostat
> are free of dust.  DO THIS DURING CLEANING OF MACHINE. Take back off the
> cryostat AFTER UNPLUGGING and blow dust out with compressed air.  We had
> temperature flucuations one time, but do this about once a year to insure
> cooling (as with refrigerators!) is not impeded with dust bunny build up.
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