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From:marjorie lehman <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Don Hammer, Retired Guy,
I hope that if I have the opportunity to meet you at NSH or otherwise I will be
able to shake your hand and thank you for "going public" with your reply!!!
Marge Lehman

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From:	Don Hammer []
Sent:	Wednesday, July 05, 2000 10:01 PM
To:	Renee Seiler
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Subject:	Fw: Memorials

Renee Seiler wrote:

> > First of all, my sympathies to all involved; secondly, I believe your
> emotions may be clouding your good judgment by posting the anti-handgun
> info.(especially on this, our day to celebrate our rights and freedom).
> again, this is a forum for histology related queries. A simple message as
> who to contact for donations should have sufficed.


I responded to you privately this morning (below), without response, but my
mind has churned all day with thoughts of your post.  Today was to be, for
me, a day of reflection before the Celebration of Dr. Haggitt's life
tomorrow.  It was spent in anguish over your message and feel at this point
I must respond publicly.  You have been successful in adding to the misery
and I wonder if you are satisfied now.  I am not. :(  My forwarded mail was
a "simple message as to whom to contact for donations" not one of ""anti
gun-control info"  I think you are too self centered in your thoughts and
have read your interests into the post.

In the vain of your e-mail, "First of all",   Thank you, for what seems to
be, your shallow expression of sympathy,  followed by what seems to be your
personal opinion on gun control.  It sounds like a Manager/Supervisor
telling a staff member, "Your doing so well, BUT......blah blah, blah.

I feel a real need to tell you that this tragedy is not about "gun control"
nor your seemingly personal opinion about such things.  It is NOT about YOU
nor your gun control opinions at all.  Polish your gun, baby.  (Sorry, you
have made me very bitter)

My forwarding of information on Memorials was offered to those who requested
such information and those who might have wanted it.  It was not meant for
you or others to whom it did not fit. (Delete button available)   I have
received many e-mails asking
for the information.  It was a mechanism to reach those people without
sending each person a separate  response.

If we ever meet in person at an NSH meeting or otherwise, please remind me
of this, because I will have absolutely no interest in getting to know you
better.  :(  I am a person who has never felt this way about anyone I have
ever met, until you.  Your E-mail defines your my
mind not one worth even giving the time of day.

Over the past years, I have been neutral on the Handgun situation.  Even
after this incident, I have been.  Your E-mail has prompted me to become
involved in it.  I will do what ever is in my power to change the laws. You
can bet on changes!!!
Those that know me, know I will succeed.  Thank you for a cause other than
retirement activities.  Rest assured, I have more time and energy to put
forth than any person who has to go to the Lab each day to work on changes,
including you,

In closing, don't feel so superior to tell me what is "clouding my good
judgment" or what is appropriate for Histonet.
My life has been spent making changes in Histology, you have given me the
imputes to work on changing gun laws.

Sincerely Pissed,
Don Hammer, Retired Guy

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From: Don Hammer <>
To: Renee Seiler <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: Memorials

> Renee,
> If you will re-read the post, it is a "simple message as to who to contact
> for donations"
> Nothing more than a list of  the various memorial funds.  I don't see any
> "anti-gun info" in my posting.
> I'm sorry if you were somehow offended.
> Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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> >
> > From:
> > To: <;>
> > Subject: Memorials
> > Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 07:03:55 -0700
> >
> > Histonetters and Other Friends,
> >
> > Below is information just received.  Please pass on to those you may
> > would like this info.
> > We will celebrate Dr. Haggitt's life with a Memorial Service on
> > July 6th.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Don Hammer, Retired Guy
> >
> > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > > Donations in Dr. Haggitt's name can be made to the following:
> > >
> > > Rodger C. Haggitt, MD Memorial Research Fund
> > > Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America
> > > 386 Park Avenue South, New York  NY, 10016-8804
> > >
> > > UW Memorial Fund (hopefully to get a chair endowed in his name)
> > > c/o Rodger C. Haggitt Memorial
> > > 1959 NE Pacific, 356100
> > > Seattle, WA  98195
> > >
> > > Handgun Control Inc.
> > > Center to Prevent Handgun Violence
> > > 1225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1100
> > > Washington, DC  20005
> > >
> > > If I've missed anyone, please feel free to pass this along.
> > >
> > > Dawn Counts                  "Stand (for what you believe)
> > > Assistant to the                             before there's a
> > > Director & Administrator             crease in your right & wrong..."
> > > Anatomic Pathology
> > > University of Washington Medical Center
> > > 1959 NE Pacific, BB210-C, Box 356100
> > > Seattle, WA  98195-6100
> > > Phone: (206) 598-6404   FAX: (206) 598-4928
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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