RE: Lillie's ferric ferricyanide reduction reaction for ferric ions.

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I have a copy of Lillie's book published in 1957, if you would like a fax of
the section on this stain send me your fax #
The method given is as follows:
FFP tissue, 5-10 micron sections, bring to water
1. Immerse in ferric ferricyanide reagent: 4cc fresh 1% potassium ferricyanide,
30 cc. 1% ferric chloride working solution, 6 cc dist. water. (Working
Solution: 2.69 cc 1% ferric chloride to 100 cc dist. water). Stain 10 mins at
2. Rinse in 1% aqueous acetic acid
3. Counterstain in 1:5000 new fuchsin or fuchsin in 1% acetic acid
4. Rinse in 1% aqueous acetic acid
5. Dehydrate etcetcetc
Sites of reducing substances: blue (Prussian Blue, actually), background pale
pink or faint green, nuclei pink to red
Marge L.

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I have another oldie, but goodie.  Lillie devised a
stain back in 1965 for ferric ions, we are currently
looking to use this stain to identify porphyria in
liver.  I was wondering if anyone had a copy of this
procedure available.  I was given a paper written back
in 1997 that has part of the procedure, but not enough
to fully prepare a protocol for it.

As always, thanks for any assistance anyone may have.

Vikki Baker
American Health Foundation
Valhalla, New York

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