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My ice formations are not from the floor of the cryostat............mine run
down the walls and looks like frozen water falls..........the cooling vent
inside the cryostat forms ice too!

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> Hi,
> Just a reminder that ice formations that grow from the chamber floor of
> any 
> cryostat are not directly caused by a frost buildup. They are most
> commonly 
> caused by a leak or blockage somewhere in the defrost system.  If you
> check 
> above the ice formation you can usually detect the cause of the problem.  
> You will notice these types of problems more during times of heavy use or 
> high humidity because there is more frost on the fins, creating more water
> to 
> remove when the defrost system is activated.  If the water cannot be
> directed 
> correctly through the defrost pan and out the tubing it will find another
> way 
> to travel--usually creating a stalagmite type of growth on the chamber
> floor. 
> Jan Minshew
> Technical Director 
> TBS, Inc.

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