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We have had requests for this.  We take the baby out of the formalin and
rinse it off.  We wrap the baby in a small towel or receiving blanket and
the nurse will take the baby to the parent(s).   Often in times like this
the family decides to have a burial rather than have the baby disposed of as
a specimen.  If this is the case we put the baby in a small cadaver bag and
transport to the morgue for pickup by a mortuary.  If this brings
comfort/closure to the parents then it is humane.

Jennifer MacDonald
San Antonio Community Hospital
Upland, CA  91786
(909) 985-2811 ext. 4148

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> Histonetters
> Here in Malta, I work in the only major hospital there is, which is run by
> the
> Government. We need to set up a policy regarding access to foetuses. We
> have had
> requests from the Maternity wards to allow parents to take pictures of the
> foetuses which have been in formalin. They are not a pretty sight.
> Their request is, that we allow a nurse to dress up the foetus, leaving
> just the
> face and hands showing. Then the nurse takes the foetus to the parents who
> would
> take the photo.
> Are these things allowed in your hospitals?
> Is it the logical thing to do?
> Is it humane?
> Please, I need some feedback.
> Carmen
> St. Luke's Hospital
> Malta

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