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I have had a Cryojane for several years and highly recommend it. It is NOT, by
the way, a Cryostat, but a small unit which goes into a cryostat. As mentioned,
it is somewhat expensive to use, but if one compares the lost time, lost tissue
and agony of having sections fall off, it doesn't seem so expensive after all.
I think the worst "negative" aspects are that your hands spend more time in the
cryostat (I suffer!!!!) and that it does take a bit longer per section .....
more time to freeze me!!!  However, I don't spend a day cutting and 1-2 days
staining and then lose the sections. It is great for thick (20-50 microns)
sections which will curl, and for skin sections which will tear at hair
follicles and separate at dermal/epidermal junction.
Someone also mentioned that tapes should not be stored in the cryostat. This is
noted in the instruction manual, but I tried some which I had forgotten and
left overnight .... wrong!!
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Has anyone seen the cryojane tape transfer process in action? I heard this 
new cryostat by instrumedics was displayed at the Laser capture Conference in 
June and have read about it. It appears to be valuble for LCM. Does anyone 
know about this system?  Jeannie   Phx AZ.

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