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It is my understanding, that there are only the 88300-88309 codes to select
from when charging for a surgical specimen.  I do not know of any way to CPT
code for the number of blocks, however, I do agree that the workload is more
for prostate TUR chips than for a prostate biopsy.  There was something that
I heard, that helps me keep this type of answer in prospective and Dennis
Padget said it, "There is no logic to the coding, you only have to memorize
the code and use them, much the same way as doing your income taxes".  

I also am not aware of any codes for recuts or deepers, except when a
consultation case is recut and stained and that code is 88323 (Consultation
and report on referred material requiring preparation of slides).  

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but hope this helps.  By the way, do
you mind if I use these questions in NSH in Action, if we are able to?

Debbie J. Siena, HT(ASCP)
NSH Legislative Chair 
Histopathology Manager
Baylor University Medical Center
Dallas, TX 75246
214-820-2465 vm
214-820-4110 fax

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Thanks, Debbie.

Here's another one for you that came up yesterday:

Is there a way to charge on a per-block basis, rather than just
88300-88309 one time for each case?  For example, under code 88305, both
needle bx. of prostate, 2-3 blocks, and prostate-TUR, 10-15 blocks are
listed.  Obviously, the TUR takes 3 times the equipment, supplies, and
tech-time to process.  

Also, are there appropriate codes for serial sections and re-cuts?


Betsy, I'd like to get the NJSH's oppinion on this also

Diana Goodwin,  HT
Trenton,  NJ

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> Hi Diana,
> It is my understanding that it is appropriate to charge for each of
> the
> biopsies as long as each is separately identifiable and reported in
> the
> surgical report.  88305 would be the appropriate code to use also.  I
> hope
> that this helps.  If not let me know and I will try again.
> Debbie
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> From: Goodwin, Diana []
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> To: 'Jennings-Siena, Debbie'
> Subject: RE: CPT coding/billing
> Hi, Debbie.
> I need to pick your brain again.  I have to revise the chargemaster
> for
> AP since our hospital has now merged with another.  I was going over
> my
> saved e-mails pertaining to CPT when I came across this one.  Very
> often, we get separate multiple GI biopsies with one requisition form,
> designated such as  bx. colon @ 10 cm., another at 20 cm, etc, right
> on
> up to 10 sometimes.  Is it appropriate to bill with code 88305 10
> times?
> Thanks for your help.
> Diana Goodwin

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