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I think that we can see it now as established that supplies of alcian blue
run out suddenly and fairly soon. There may be small amounts available in
future, but at fantastic prices. As an example, I recently had an offer from
Russia, to my mind it was over priced and I suppose little consideration was
given to the health risk in producing the precursor chemical.

It seems that the Histoserver would be the best medium to discuss
This could lead to the development of a series of stains and procedures which
are suited to replace alcian blue. I urge you to do so since alternatives will
soon be required.
I'm afraid I am in no position to help with that task.

In relation to the old thread (below note): You bet they have every intention
to continue selling Alcian Blue, though the sales or technical staff is not
likely to really know about availability. We sold our last Alcian Blue months
ago for A$32/25g or A$90/100g and that usually includes freight. Translated
that is US$19.00 for 25g, or under $5 per 5g and we did o.k. on that.
Unless demand is greatly reduced current prices will soon appear a bargain.
Jim Darley
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On Friday, July 07, 2000 5:18 AM, Smith, Allen []
> I just got off the line (3:30 pm, Thursday, July 6, 2000) with Aldrich
> Chemical Co.'s technical department.  They have Alcian Blue 8GX (C.I.
> 74240)in their current catalog (cat. no. 23,655-1 @ $15 for 5 g).  They say
> that they have every intention to continue carrying it.  Aldrich's order
> line is 1-800-558-9160.
> 		Allen A. Smith
> 		School of Graduate Medical Sciences
> 		Barry University
> 		Miami Shores, Florida

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