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We are using the Tamtron PowerPath system.  We went live in December '99.
So far, it has been a tolerable experience.  We are still waiting for some
functionality to be completed - an annoyance to be sure, but I don't believe
that there is a computer system out there that will be everything in
service.  I do think that Tamtron Customer Service is far superior to our
previous computer system - but they were not hard to beat!!!

Sheila Tapper
SMDC Health System
Duluth, MN <> 

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	We are a current Sunquest computer user looking for a new system
since they
	will cease support of their AP product in the near future.   Our
three top
	choices are Copath, Tamtron, and SCC's Softpath.  I would appreciate
any and
	all comments of these three systems especially of the SCC system of
which we
	are least familiar.   If you are a user of any of these, what do you
	like/dislike about your system.   Thanks in advance.   Sheila

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