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	Since many of us have to deal with the hiring of histotechs or the
selection of graduate students or both, hiring criteria are an important
	I tend to agree with those who hold out for technical competence and
industry as the sole criteria for hiring.  Mental illness and personality
problems should be treated rather than used to run people out of society.
(Come to think of it, anyone who'd want to spend his life moving little
pieces of glass from one jar to another, is a little odd anyway!)
	Coping with a supervisor with a personality problem can be
impossible.  Coping with a student or subordinate with a problem should not
be.  Fortunately, schools do have trained counselors on their staffs.
(Don't hospitals have them too?)
	I have had both a diabetic moutaineering buddy and a clinically
depressed climbing buddy.  I would not have rejected either one, but the
diabetic was more frightening.  We had to pay very careful attention to his
insulin/glucose balance.  For the other one, Elavil worked every time.
					Allen A. Smith
					School of Graduate Medical Sciences
					Barry University
					Miami Shores, Florida

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