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Dear Netters,
   I think a more constructive discussion around the tragedy of the murder of Dr. Haggitt would revolve around the subject of mental illness in the workplace.  I recently went through a period of time dealing with the "co-worker from Hell" syndrome that actually we believe involved some form of mental illness.
   I was fortunate enough to attend Vincent Speranza's workshop in Providence which dealt with how to avoid hiring the wrong person.  I highly recommend that workshop for anyone who is in the position of hiring people.  The workshop discussed interviewing questions and follow up questions that are used to bring out the true person during the interview process.
  I find it quite confusing in the health profession (and the country in general) that mental illness is not taken as seriously as a physical illness.  Someone could be physically handicapped and still function on the job where someone mentally handicapped may look very professional but be very dysfunctional on the job.  And mental problems effect co-workers and your work team to a much greater extent.
  If the turnout at Vinnie's workshop was any indication (it was packed), I think far too many of us have had these sad experiences on the job.   
  In sympathy,  Sarah

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