More Than A Gut Feeling

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As part of the management workshop that I taught for several years, I, also,
utilized the "More Than a Gut Feeling" information. Once you have
established your hiring criteria,  It teaches you how to develop questions,
interview, and to obtain reponses that will give you insight into past
behaviors (attitudes, interpersonal skills, dealing with problems, etc.) and
performance.  Past behavior/performance responses can predict future

It is not a "screen" for mental illness,  nor would eliminate a good
employee from being hired into the workplace.

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	I don't believe any part of Vinnie's workshop goes into determining
if a person has a mental illness.  What it does go into is whether a job
candidate has the correct personaloity traits to work in the sometimes
highly stresssful field of Histology.  Not every person posssesses the
ability to "fit in" in our labs.  We usually have to have the ability to
work as a team, communicate effectively, make critical decisions, work under
stress, be self motivated etc., etc.  
	As far a having the potential for violence, there are some
indicators and situations that may make the probability increase.
Discrimination is not the issue.  Supervisors need to be aware of an
employees emotional state as well as their work.  Its no different than
being aware of an employee who is having personal poroblems that  cause them
to make errors in thier technical work.  A supervisor should be just as
aware of an employees mental state that may cause him/her to injur or become
	Jan Mahoney

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