Mental illness

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Fellow Netters,
	To follow up on the observations of Sarah Christo regarding mental illness,
in the 38 years that I've worked in the profession, I personally, have seen
eight co-workers taken away by the "Men in white coats" and incarcerated in
places of safety, have worked with two Pathologists who definitely were on
the ragged edge of sanity/insanity, and have known a least a dozen other
Staff members who's mental stability was at best, dubious.
	Dare one speculate that this kind are attracted to the Medical Profession,
or do they become "unstable" because of the conditions in the profession, or
is the problem just as common in the job market elsewhere?
	One can deal with a nutty patient, as one is generally forewarned, but a
nutty co-worker is another story, especially when they start off "sane" and
slowly deteriorate over a period of time. It's even worse when they are a
member of another race or culture, just how does one deal with the problem?
	Thanks Sarah for your input, this is a subject that should be brought out
into the open, after all, who wants to be stabbed or shot by some crazed

South Africa

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