Mental Illness, workshop handouts and related matters

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From:Vinnie Della Speranza <>
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I wish to offer my apologies for being somewhat slow in responding to the numerous requests for the handout material to my workshop "More Than a Gut Feeling - How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person"

I would like to thank those who offered the list favorable comments regarding their experiences in this workshop and of course welcome suggestions for improving the experience for future audiences.

It is imperative that I stress that I have no expertise in screening applicants for potentail violent behavior nor is this workshop offered to provide assistance with that concern. The workshop curriculum is designed to help managers to better understand how they can obtain the necessary information during applicant interviews to hire the very best candidate and to spot those who could be problematic employees. No method for such decision making is foolproof. However those who have found themselves in the situation of having to correct unexpected employee performance or  behavior problems understand too well the need to improve our skills in this area. Applicants have a number of resources available to aid them in preparing resumes, cover letters and rehearsing for the interview. I came across a reference yesterday entitled "7 steps to Job-Winning Interviews Using Acting Skills You Never Knew You Had" Whatever happened to plain old honesty and just being yourself??

It is clear to me from my own personal experiences that weeding through the hype,spin, fabrication,  rehearsal and "acting" employed by applicants on resumes and during interviews creates a significant challenge for those of us responsible for hiring. 

After considering the requests for workshop handouts and the policies of the organizations who have asked me to present this workshop on their behalf, I have decided to create a synopsis of the workshop material for the listmembers who've requested this information rather than provide the actual workshop handout. I am concerned that without benefit of the presentation, the handout may not be as helpful as it could otherwise be since the reader may not understand the signficance of the questions I offer as tools at interview. I have also volunteered to conduct a teleconference for the NSH which will scheduled in the future.

I do ask your patience a bit longer. I expect to have the synopsis prepared by next week. I recently moved to a new home and do not have my home computer up yet. I simply do not have the time to construct this at work.

warmest regards,


Vinnie Della Speranza
Manager for Anatomic Pathology Services
Medical University of South Carolina
165 Ashley Avenue
Suite 309
Charleston, SC  29425
ph:  (843) 792-6353
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