Lab equipment stolen!

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Histonetters Beware! There have been several reports
of a very well dressed and well groomed man walking
into histology labs, claiming to be various equipment
reps, and walking off with microtomes and embedding
This man is very nice and polite and hits his targets
in the early evenings when most techs have left for
the day.  He comes prepared with the names of the
supervisors and other techs for that lab.  He claims
he is picking up equipment for routine maintenance,
places the equipment on a dolly, and calmly walks
away.  He is in his late 40's to early 50's with
blonde hair and may have a woman working with him. 
While only labs in California have been hit so far, it
would be a fair guess that this particular scam might
spread because this guy has been very successful.

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