Job Opportunity in Saudi Arabia

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From:David Anderson <>
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For anyone who might be interested, there is a position open at the Riyadh 
Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia for a Senior MLSO in Histopathology. 
It involves supervising the routine histology laboratory and requires HTL 
(or equivalent) certification with 5-10 years experience, some of which must 
be supervisory.

Working here is a definite challenge. Patience, tolerance, a sense of humor, 
and a very thick skin are absolutely essential.

The rewards can be substantial: the salary is modest but tax-free, housing 
is adequate (but not plush) and free, about seven weeks leave per year, and 
a travel allowance equal to the value of one ticket home per year.

The work-week is 44 hours, Saturday through Wednesday plus half a day every 
other Thursday. Friday is the Muslim holy day, so the weekend is Thursday 
and Friday.

Anyone who would like to have more information, please contact me directly 
and I can give you the whole story, the good and the bad, plus tell you 
where to send your CV.

David Anderson
Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital
Saudi Arabia
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