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I'm asking these questions for a fellow histotechnologist, Pam Buzzard, =
who resides in Georgia. She will be joining the Histonet soon. Does the =
NSH offer any scholarships for attending nationals? Does anyone have a =
suggested curriculum with what each course should entail as far as =
starting a histotech program is concerned?  She has been asked by a local =
college to initiate a program, but has little info to go on. I have =
already suggested attending the workshop that is going to be offered at =
Nationals this year. I will inform her of all answers posted on the =
histonet, but she can otherwise be contacted at PDBUZZ68@aol.com.=20
Thank you,=20
Denise Bland-Piontek HTL (ASCP)
Fairview University Medical Center
Minneapolis, MN

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