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From:Sheila Poellein <sheila_poellein@deaconess.com>
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From: MacLennan, Karen RHD [mailto:KMacLennan@reginahealth.sk.ca] 
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2000 4:57 PM
To: 'Sheila Poellein'
Subject: RE: AP computer systems

Good day Sheila
We are SCC clients here in Regina.  We are a centralized service with
approximately 36,000 surgical, 600 Non-GYN cytology and 75,000 GYN cases
annually.  We also have a case load of approximately 450 autopsies per year.
We have been live on SCC's system since March 1998 and will be undergoing an
upgrade this fall.  Our current system uses Word Perfect for report
production but the new version will be using MS Word for word processing.
Strengths of SoftPath
*	Ease of accessioning cases
*	Automatic retrieval of previous history (including diagnosis)
*	Ability to enter processing and special stain data at time of gross
*	Complete logs of all work completed
*	Easy to use query system that allows you to search by name, MRN,
snomed codes, case number, diagnosis, tissue source ,etc
*	Electronic signatures and online sign out capability
*	Ability to print reports in clinic specific groups with appropriate
address pages
*	The upgraded version will allow us to print to the individual wards
and clinics using scheduled print times
*	Excellent QA reports
*	Trace file system which allows us to track which individuals have
interacted with each case
*	Workload statistics based on CAP guidelines
*	Billing capabilities (although I cannot comment on this as we don't
bill here in Canada
*	Ability for pathologists to make their own corrections to reports
and sign out case from result entry
*	Ability to interface with hospital HIS system available link to lab
*	24 hour system support from SCC

*	Inability to make changes to report format (but this will change
with the upgrade as Word report formats are user definable)
*	Inability to scan photos or consultation reports and add them to the
case.  This too will change when SoftPath with Word is implemented this
*	Non-GUI presentation to user.  System is command driven not point
and click.  I do know though that SCC is developing a GUI presentation that
is scheduled to be released early in 2001
*	Requirement that printers be post script capable for signature.
However some institutions do not actually print scanned signatures.  It
would depend on your needs.
*	Difficulty in implementing on an HP platform.  SoftPath was
originally developed for an IBM platform and we had some difficulty during
original implementation with the transition.  But our problems were also
partly due to our IT departments refusal to consider any hardware but HP.
*	Size limitation.  In our lab SoftPath is linked to SoftLab, SoftMic
and SoftBank.  This can result in up to 125 users on the system
simultaneously.  When path started reporting with WP during stress testing
the user load caused failures in lab.  These problems have since been
resolved and may not even be a factor in your case if you are just looking
at a path implementation.

From my point of view as both the manager of the Anatomic Pathology Service
and the lead system support for the Pathology LIS, once implementation was
completed the maintenance on the system has been minimal.  I generally spend
less than 4 hours a week on LIS support.  From a manager's point of view I
really utilize the productivity, workload and monitoring reports I  get from

I hope this helps.

Karen MacLennan
Manager Histology/Cytology
Regina Health District
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

	From:  Sheila Poellein [SMTP:sheila_poellein@deaconess.com]
	Sent:  Tuesday, July 11, 2000 10:12 AM
	To:  'histonet'
	Subject:  AP computer systems

	We are a current Sunquest computer user looking for a new system
since they
	will cease support of their AP product in the near future.   Our
three top
	choices are Copath, Tamtron, and SCC's Softpath.  I would appreciate
any and
	all comments of these three systems especially of the SCC system of
which we
	are least familiar.   If you are a user of any of these, what do you
	like/dislike about your system.   Thanks in advance.   Sheila

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