staining mucosa not serosa; keeping intestine soft

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Dearest histonetters,

One of the surgeons wonders if there is a way to stain
intestinal mucosa to enable macroscopic differentiation from serosa.
He is organizing a course on surgical stapling of intestine and
wishes to demonstrate to the students the important anatomical
borders between mucosa and serosa.

We supply the pig intestine probably one day before the course
starts. What would be the best way to preserve the intestine and keep
it flexible and soft? Someone suggested a low percentage of
glutaraldehyde. Others came up with 'cryofix', a mixture of
polyethyleenglycol and ethanol.

Thanks in advance!
Dr. I.H. Straatsburg
IWO1-155, Dept. Exp. Surg., Surgical Lab.,
AMC, Amsterdam, NL 1105 AZ
tel. +31.20.5666653

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