antibody testing

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From:Heike Grabsch <> (by way of histonet)
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I hope I will get some input on the following problem:

I got several monoclonal antibodies against different epitopes of the
VEGF-receptor which were produced by another lab and tested on frozen
human tissue sections. I have not seen the slides myself. Now, they want
our lab to test those antibodies on paraffin embedded material. On frozen
sections they used a concentration of 5 g/ml with the Vectastain

My question is: is there a reasonable way or strategy how to test the
antibodies or is it just trial and error? As I have no idea which
concentration or which potential pre-treatment could be succcessful I am
not sure where I should start.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

thanks for your help,

Heike Grabsch, Germany

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